Connecting all of the visualised and other elements of the project in a complete functional solution.

In other words, clever stuff that our programmers do – which many of us normal people doesn't really understand.

The most important thing in development phase is to develop a stable and reliable solution for the end user.

Our development team offers services like:

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: unique web pages with multiple functionalities
  • WEB APP DEVELOPMENT: unique web applications with multiple functionalities
  • MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT: mobile ready applications for multiple operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • E-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENT: unique web shops from which you can sell products and services in every corner of the world
  • ADVANCED SYSTEM INTEGRATION: development and integration of the ERP systems and the HR systems
  • CUSTOM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS: development of the custom CRM system or the CMS system


Base of all our web projects.


If some of the above mentioned terms or services are not familiar to you, please contact us for more detailed explanation.

Discover all phases in DWizards way of work.