In a very simplified way:

  1. we listen to Your needs and ideas
  2. ask a lot of quetions and communicate with You
  3. propose a completly elaborated project on paper
  4. after Your confirmation – the project goes to design phase
  5. development phase
  6. testing phase before deployment in every possible way and form while simulating real business process
  7. deployment phase – delivery and launch of completely finished project
  8. education phase – we want that You are completely familiar with every aspect of project and all of its functionalities
  9. complete customer care – making sure that every segment of delivered project is working 100%, throughout its entire lifetime

As you can see, we apply full-service approach with a focus on innovation and creative problem solving, so that we can deliver high-end software solutions.

You are assigned to our project manager who will guide you throughout entire process and always be at your disposal.

Nothing is left to chance!

If you have any questions regarding DWizards way of work, feel free to contact us at any time.